I love living here. There is always something new and fun to see or do! And often it's free. We spend many Sundays at Overton Park hooping and watching the drum circle and taking our dog to the area designed just for him.
We have lots of little quirky places like the Crystal Shrine Grotto and down the road a piece some "haunted" areas like the Smokestacks. We have the river, although it could sure use a more kid-friendly park. We have a great art museum with free times and beautiful free festivals like Dia de los Muertos and holiday gatherings. We have our amazing zoo, one of my favorite in the country, and there's even a weekly free day there.

I could go on and on about the fun things to do here, but I know most people are concerned more about the crime. Yes there's crime and it's awful. I'm lucky to live in a neighborhood with not as much crime. I won't say where but it's in the heart of "Little Mexico" and we still manage to have a low crime rate in my section. I have wonderful neighbors who watch out for each other. We're all way below the poverty level but we are always sharing.

My city gets a bad rap but maybe I have trouble taking off my rose-colored glasses because I love it here and wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
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And the funny thing is, a year later I don't live there anymore. I live outside the city now and I have to say it's actually better than the city proper. It's safer, cleaner, and the people are friendlier. But I still love Memphis! it's only like ten minutes to the city line. :)