My Crazy Vacation

Okay so my mom bought a house in Miami a while back so last weekend me and my family went down there so we could get settled in and I even convinced them into letting my boyfriend come along.
My parents travel all the time but we dont take family vacations often, and this techinally wasnt even a family vacation either, my parents just brought us along so we could see the new house and my and my boyfriend Preston got wrangled into baby sitting my little sister Erica.
Our story begins on Thurday: We got packed up and headed to the air port, Erica insisted on bringing this giant stuffed bear lol, and she almost made the pilot crash the plane lol, refer to my story 'Traveling with My Little Sister" to learn more about that.
It was a bumpy ride but we eventually did land safely in Miami, we live in Texas so we were an hour ahead there, I hate time changes lol. We werent ready to move into the house yet because it still needed stuff like beds and linens so we stayed in a hotel the first night, it was late when we got there so everyone went to bed but me and Preston stayed up sat out on the balcony and looked across at the skyline, Miami is a beautiful city =).

Friday: My mom had us up bright and early, she and my dad bought a red Cadillac Escalade which would cause terrible problems for me later in the week. We drove to our new house, its in a nice gated neighborhood next to the beach,  I have seen it before but it was a first for my dad and Erica.
We had a race who could get to the best bedroom first, ha ha I am pretty sure I did,  my room has it own bathroom and faces the backyard, and my mom said Preston could have his own room, (since they dont want me and him staying in the same room 8-I), but he was happy about it.
The house had been painted and  did come with some furniture but we still need things like bed and small appliance so we headed to the mall, furniture store, drape store, lamp store, linen store, rug store, and bed store and of course that fatso bear had to come with us too.
My mom was an interior designor so she knows all about decorating and how rugs and drapes should match, she is retired now but when we went to the furniture store she was like a kid in a candy store lol, I guess that was her profession and she liked it.
My mom said we could each pick out stuff for our own room........Sweet, I picked black and green theme for my room, Ericas room is pretty much the same as her room back home pink and purple, and Preston's theme was Texas Longhorns so everything was orange.
We were at The Falls mall it is really cool there really big and they kinda have a tropical thing going on lots of fountains and palm trees.
Me and Preston got stuck baby sitting, Erica can be really whiny when we dont get her the stuff that she wants she was whining for us to take her to Build-a-Bear and they various toy stores around the mall but with some "gentle persuasion"  we got her to cooperate.
I dont usually care much for shopping but I was able to find some new swimsuits.

Next we went to Best Buy and my dad bought us flat screens for our room and an Xbox and a Wii to share, =D I love my daddy, but again Erica was whining how come we get fancy tv's and she doesnt.
We went back to the house and had to unpack, set up and arrange everything, i think another reason why my mom let Preston come along is because thats another strong guy to help move furniture around lol, all afternoon she was like, "Move the couch to the to the back to left again." they even picked up a couch and moved it with me still sitting on it  ha ha ha.
I was busy keeping track of Erica she was running all over the place, exploring the house, its not as big as our house in Texas but I guess its a new place (sssshhhh dont tell we found a secret passage that leads from the the laundry room to the kitchen on the other side of the house =D.)
Back in Texas we live out in the middle of nowhere but here we live close to a the downtown district so restraunts are close, we ate out for lunch and dinner every night we were there, but that was  fun for us my parents dont usually take us out to eat.

This is really embarassing but I thought why not put it up it might make someone laugh............we live right on the water and so late friday night me and Preston were walking down by the beach and I suggested it might be fun to go for a dip ;)
It was a beautiful night and we had fun, but what we didnt realize was that Erica had been sneaking around spying on us, and she thought it would be funny to steal our swimsuits and throw them in a palm tree and then go to my dad and tell him, " Daddy I think I heard an alligator by the water you should go down there check it out." OH MY GOSH talk about killing a romantic mood, we saw the light turn on , paniced and tried to find a hiding spot as quickly as possible, Preston jumped in some bushes and I hid under the dock, my dad walked right over me but her never caught us, which was a good thing he would have skinned me alive had be seen me like that. Ill add that to the book of things my parents dont know about.
We had to very carefully sneak back in the house without being seen, UGH I could have killed that little brat.

Saturday Morning we met up with a friend Kailyi I had met last time I was here, we went down to the pier and had fun there, there is a small amusement park and we ate lots of pizza and ice cream.
We went swimming, hung out on the beach, tried surfing lol but it is harder than it looks I crashed a bunch of time, but it was  still fun, and we  played volleyball with some more kids we had met=)
And I attempted skateboarding it didnt end very good for me just like surfing its harder than it looks, I had an accident and my skateboard went flying and scratched my mom new Escalade = /, that did not end well for me in the story"Skateboards and New Cars."
My parents were having a house warming party that evening, refer to my story "Water" to read about the prank I pulled on everyone ha ha, Erica made a friend with Kailyi's little sister so she was distracted and we didnt have to constantly watch her, So we partied late into the night.

Every Sunday they have a sandcastle competition on the public beach they supply the sand lol , Erica really wanted to do it so we all worked together and built this big really sandcastle, we kind of dug into the sand and built up this big mound and then shaped it to look like a castle and stuck sea shells all over it. We didnt win but got honorable mention for the detail with the shells=) the people who won had made a dolphin, that looked pretty cool.
My parents were out that day, my mom went shopping and to the spa and my dad was golfing with Kailyi's dad so we hung out around the house, and on the beach, one thing about Miami is that always sunny there and so you get burned really quick if your not wearing a ton of  sunscreen, i tried to stay covered up but I got burned on my neck and ears=(.
My parents went to a party that night so me and Preston and Erica, stayed home and watched movies and played video games, and ate lots of pizza and icecream lol thats what we live off of.
It was fun just getting to relax and have fun me and Preston didnt get to have a much time alone as I had hoped but it was still a fun vacation................and far from over ha ha, my parents got back late that night and my dad was pretty buzzed so we knew they probably wouldnt notice, Kaiyli had told me about a yacht party her brother was planning and we were invited........we late sunday night we slipped out of the house and went to the party, I have had a lot of fun times in my life but that was up their in the top ten we had the time of our lives, it was great =D You Only Live Once!!!!!!!! I tried out some cocktail drinks and I did got really drunk, Preston is usually the sensible responsible one, but i talked him into it and he had fun too, the one and only little problem that could have ended really bad is since I was drinking I didnt notice that the boat was actually moving!!!!! We almost ended up in the Bahamas :O!!!!!!!! But thankfully we eventually did make it back to land safely , and snuck back in the house around 6 the next morning............again I will add that to the volume of books of "things my parents dont know about."
I slept in really late because I had a bad hangover, I felt like I had got run over by a bus, Erica was beating me a pillow trying to wake me up and I didnt even notice, but after a few hours of sleep and a run on the beach it went away and I was able to get to work helping Kailyi with a prank whahahahahahaha .
Since her brother almost got us stranded in the Bahamas and he is a jerk most of the time,  she decided she wanted to get him back and since I am known as the Prank Master General she knew I could think of something good.
Anyone who has ever gone to the beach will know about seagulls they are like rats with wings and are always looking for food, so we got some buckets and went to the beach looking for whatever we  could find that gulls might like. We headed back to her house and got set up on the balcony because it looks over the driveway, her brother Chris had his motorcyle parked in the driveway so we got set up in the perfect spot.
Chris is a lot like my brother Clay, he thinks he cool but really he's just a big doofus, so we waited maybe half an hour and he comes out dressed up in a leather jacket and shades,( I assume going to see his girlfriend) he goes to his bike and puts on his hemlet, we waited until he had got on and started it I gave the signal and............SLASH, the guts and other unspeakable things dumped on his and right on cue a cloud of hungry seagulls came swooping in and were attacking him, and he took off running down the street cussing and yelling, me and Kaiyli about died laughing hahahahahahaha it was halarious and I am glad I helped her with it, NONE of us are going to forget that for as long as we matter how hard some of us try =D.

We spent the afternoon on the beach, its really nice in Miami but I was ready to go back home and see my dog and my horse.
My parents said we'll probably come down here at least once a month, Erica was sad because she says she likes it here and doesnt want to leave even after we reminded her that her cat and bunny would miss her she just said "Clay can send them down here, I think they would like the ocean.'' But she quickly changed her mind when my mom suggest that is she was going to stay here she would have to be enrolled in school, what fun would this place be if we had to go to school :P

We headed home and had a safe return flight, its nice to be back to places that you know and are familar with, the only problem was its a heck of a lot warmer in Miami than the cold windswept plains of Texas, its pretty much always like summer in Florida and here we are heading into fall.

We're headed back to Miami maybe around the middle of October and I hope to have as much fun and adventures as we did this time=)

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I'm happy you enjoy my home

You picked one room color correctly: green! My apartment is blue and green theme. minus the kitchen, really.

lol do seagulls eat everything?

Yes they do lol