What Are People Like?

I am always afraid to move to a new place. I am moving to small town in MN. It has about 25,000 ppl. I am in an interracial couple. We have a baby. Do you think it will be okay? Are the people open-minded? What is it like in MN? I've never been there but we are looking for work and the unemployment rate is exceptionally low in the town we are going to. Any tips or anything?
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6 Responses Nov 30, 2012

If y'all have God he will keep you all no matter where you go.

Well one thing to let you know. The whole "Minnesota Nice" thing is not true. There are a few people that live up to that but not many. Every town has a few vet nice people though so it's not "Minnesota nice" it's just a few people who happen to be nice.

lol thats probably true anywhere :-)


Well, I'm curious now to learn what you think of Owatonna and Minnesota. I live in one of the rival conference towns here in S Minnesota as well, and have friends and family over there. Hopefully, life is going well there for you and yours.

It was pretty awesome...but I decided not to stay. Everyone was nice and it was pretty...but I was moving there for my guy and he broke up with me...so I couldn't afford to stay...but I loved it there (In Owatonna)

I live in MN. If you let me know the name of the town I can tell you more about it. Thanks


i've been told Minnesota is full of close minded people so sorry about that. but Minnesota people are nice and Minnesota is the safest place to be in the united states i think anyways AZ is a bad place.

tell me about it. AZ is a nightmare. Every person i've ever met that is from someplace else really hates it here. I sometimes joke and call it hell...thats why it rarely gets cold lol. I hope once we live there for a while the people warm up to us. I'm from CO and ppl there can be kind of closed minded sometimes so it won't be new but it really sux for those of us that are different from the status quo. Anyway, thanks for your comment. I look forward to living in a safer place.

Wow!! I think MN will be a big change from AZ. People out west often have a more liberal and open mindedness. But change is sooo exciting!! You will all have a blast and new adventures!! Being a little afraid is normal, but with the radical differences in the two places (climate, beauty, culture) it will be so good. I truly hope nothing but the best for you JS. Have fun, and know that God will be with you and your loved ones.

Thank you :-)