Have Lived In Missouri All My Life

And I like it here. Sure there would be other places I would like to live, like New Zealand, Hawaii, the South Pacific!!!!

Mom of stepson, son and new baby daughter!!
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Mighty Mo here too Miss. Lol.... South of KC about 35min. :)

I've lived in MO all my life too, and not that far from you.

"Bloom where you are planted," was a poster on my wall when I was younger. Missouri is a fine state, and with only around 6 million people it is not nearly as crowded as California where we have 39 million and growing. We have nearly 9 million in Los Angeles County alone. Having read your story about your step son, I can see that you have indeed Bloomed where you were Planted. You are a good person, Stepmom, I'm proud to know you.

Thank You!!