My Happy Little Music World

The music world.. that's where I live. 

     I constantly have music in my ears at work. 
Just now an email came across my work email that said "keep singing"  I look up and he's smiling at me. 

Gah, I'm totally oblivious when my music is goin.  I dance and sing at my desk like 20 people aren't walking all around me.   But they are, they hear me and watch me wiggle, boogy and dip slide and shaka shaka ma groove thing over here.   I just can't help it, muzik just takes me over!

But really.. I could take my headphones off and hear.. This coworker ***** about this, or that coworker gripe about that.  Listen to the office politics and drama that waves through this place... ummmm hmmm as tempting as that is.... I think I'll just keep my headphones on and continue to wiggle away in my own happy little world.
whisperingsunshine whisperingsunshine
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6 Responses Mar 31, 2011

Lmao! You rocketh Ford baby! I woulda done the same thing.. kept on dancin, gotta do what feels good.

Too awesome, chicky!!! I feel ya too...if not for music I think work would be unbearable. Although, it can be embarrassing. The other night near closing time I had some decent jams going and I was rockin out to 'em...chair dancing and all... When I suddenly heard laughter in-between songs. I look out the window and a group of teens were out on the sidewalk laughing their ***** off at me. <br />
I smiled, shrugged, and went right back to it :-D lmao

Jen.. I'm the same way. I keep tissues near, music seems to control my emotions quite a bit

ha, definitly would improve morale... lmao

lol.. yeah I gotta keep it down a lil before these dudes try and install a pole in the office.

Stick with your music S-jay, and your shaka shaka, I'm sure you entertain quite a few co-workers...alot more interesting than office crap indeed !!