But A Few Important Word From The Heart

But a Few Important Words From the Heart

When one walks with God in very genuine ways that the world knows not; it's because God's flock is small within a world that has been deceived. I could write and speak on God, truth, reality and His Genuine Spirit endlessly. Or I could write and speak on Satan as the father of lies and his spirit of error that has deceived this whole world endlessly.

But what I do is all that I know to do; which is to place all things in the hands of our Father because I am here to do only what pleases Him just as Jesus Christ John 8:29.  God is love and Christ brought that love to us all while leaving us with an example we are to follow, yet this world of people today are lacking the love of Christ as written in Ephesians 3:19 My life totally belongs to God with no other, and with that life has been much training and preparation for the needed strong faith of Job, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego because the furnace is once again hotter than ever before.

My wife and I live in a very sad state of hardships, and have for three years while being denied any love or care whatsoever from all of the brethren, churches, pastors, ministers, web sites, or any people that have anything to do with God. And for three years I have been judged, ignored, mocked, condemned, not loved or cared about in any way other than a few false words now and then with no actions whatsoever; but God knows all things 1 Samuel 2:3.  There was a time in my life when I was worth near half million, but have always been one to give. And my payback? God is my only friend, companion and teacher in life as my heart reaches out with care for the hundreds of millions that are going to be completely blindsided with the fall and destruction of America just as written in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28.

But living in very hard ways without a meal of choice since thanksgiving 2006, being in the same square mile for 3 years, bread, rice and fish for 3 years, and often purchased on word of mouth credit, and with those little things that are really nothing compared to billions in this world of sadness; I need very little helps. God knows my exact matter at hand. We have started on our own home which will be hollow block and bamboo on a 30' x 30' lot. Ever seen Gilligan's Island? Well here in the Philippines there is plenty of bamboo with plenty of hard times.

I have 3 pairs of glasses at one dollar a pair plus a magnifying glass for reading with near zero energy that has caught up because of past. Twenty two years ago I had a head injury that took a small portion of my brain from a hemorrhage and the neurosurgeon and psychologists pronounced me as permanently disabled, and may be as a vegetable. The US Embassy failed me long ago, and a thousand job attempts did also. Everything in life has failed me when it pertained to getting out of the Philippines. But my failure has been as a 100% success because I am where I am because God put me here for His training. With everything that has gone wrong in too many ways to even list, my faith has only grown so strong that it never wavers. And with that God is with me every second deep in heart and mind without fail as I am always calling out to Him non-stop with the needs of my wife and I for some kind of life neither of us have ever had.

Mylene is a 1st grade school teacher with 68 students, she is 18 years younger and was a gift to me from God to help me sustain. Because I have no income she has had to get loans through payroll deduction. What that leaves us is less than one hundred dollars a month. Over the years with my growing dedication to only God with love for children and a kindness for all people, survival in life is all that I ask God for. In other words a bamboo home is fine. Out of the very many thousands of people and brethren that have read some of my works for God, [over 10,000 to date] if through love and care there was just little bits here and there, I could survive better than what these past three years have been; because at 54 I feel like 94 due to lack of exercise and nothing to do with no tools because I am a man of many trades, no decent meals, no vitamins and just no life aside from God that knows I am but human with human needs.

I know in my heart without question that all will be in God’s time. It’s my faith that keeps me in the race. I also need an upgrade in my computer as the one I use was a used surplus from a year ago with 7% free space left and the monitor going bad; and about five or more different Bible versions for comparison, plus I left about ten years of my study materials in plastic file boxes that I have never been able to get back to me from NC because of no funds to ship the weight of books and reading materials. God knows all hearts and their intent, and He knows that mine belongs to Him for His use and His will. What I want is to prepare as many as God will allow for fitting under His wings as written in Psalms 91; or just be prepared for whats written in Lamentations 2:17,21, 3:8, 43-44 on how when you cry out to God He will not hear you with the horrors of 4:9-10.

May God open you're eyes to Him and never man. Romans 9:18

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What's so great about following our Lord is the more that He teaches and leads, the more we grow in love and forgiveness because we are being filled with God. Ephesians 3:19 <br />
So just as Christ said from His heart in his near final words while being crucified regarding all those whom had just tortured him with scourge, whips, thorns, punches and just every brutal ravaged animal way of attack there could ever be; He spoke the words Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. Luke 23:34. <br />
<br />
Now that is a perfect example of the love of Christ; and as a new commandment in John 13:34 He said that we are to love each other as He loved us, yet so very few do that after years I still have seen none with the love of Christ; and what blind shepherds don't teach their flocks is that to break His commandments means no blessings which means no tree of life just as it is written in Revelation 22:14. God is completely against the buildings of man called churches when church means called out ones who are the body of Christ that follow only their Head. . . .so mans buildings are but dens of thieves whom have robbed Christ from being the Head because they all follow man with his false doctrines and traditions that make the word of God none effect. Marl 7:13