Pjs Rock

I must confess I love my pjs and I would wear them everywhere and anywhere if I could, it's the funniest thing I'll hop out of the shower do my hair and makeup knowing I'm not going anywhere and put on some pjs everyone laughs at me for it. I own more pairs of pjs than clothes I'm running out of drawer space to keep them all, I just really enjoy being comfy all types of patterns all colors... I love them, my favorite ones right now are a pair of fuzzy black shorts with skulls on them and some pants with betty boop on them, the bigger the better, I like feeling cozy as much as possible. People have tired to convince me otherwise and that I really should grow out of this habit but I refuse to and don't ever plan to LOL so people enjoy your pjs whenever possible because PJs ROCK! 

drkiris drkiris
26-30, F
Feb 9, 2010