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I really hope to move to New York in the near future. There's a school I really want to go to there. I'm afraid to go though, that maybe I won't make it. I do not know anyone who lives there, so that makes it harder. I'm looking to meet some friends or just some friendly people who live in the Big Apple to give me some tips or help. I would appreciate it more than you know :)
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Hi my name is Jay, nice to meet you.., Now you have a friend in New York City.. Iv lived here for 30 years and I can't see myself living anywhere else. I LOVE NEW YORK:-)

School should give you a room to stay. After making friends and getting to know city, then move out

The school doesn't have dorms

Just get a job in starbucks and rent a room from craigslist.

But Is it that easy Lol

Yes as a matter of fact it is , its not hard to live here if you're single.

why if your single?

Because an apartment is 1200-2800 a month but a room/studio is $700-$1000

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