i moved to long island ny two years first i hated it with a passion. but eventually i made friends and grew to love it! when i had to move bak to pittsburgh i was happy because i would be able to be with my family again but now that im here i wanna go bak to ny sooooo bad! i cant wait to graduate and im moving back. Me and my girlfriend are going to get a place:) the only thing i hate is the exspense!!!! but its whatever! well deal. I fell in love with ny and i cant wait to go back...and im never moving away again!

ddkat13 ddkat13
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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

i loveeeee ny!!! its so fun and theres just so much to see and do!! i mean i dont think i could ever live in the city but living in long island is great because its not far from the city at all if i wantd to go:)

Hi ddcat13, to be totally honest with you I couldn't live in such huge city like NYC. It would be like my worst nightmare. Give me the good old country life any day.<br />