Who Cares It's Funny

Ulster - Scots is regarded by some as a distinct language. My personal view is that it is a dialect of the english language becasue it's grammatical syntax is the same as english. Anyway whether it is or not who cares. It does present some interesting words.

A recent job advert inlcuded the ulster - scot phrase "a big yin fir til lirn the wee dafties" 


The job in question was Chief executive of a mental health education establishment.

stevester stevester
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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Have you ever heard of the "Galloway Irish" dialect from Stranraer and surrounding areas?

That's beautiful, Stevester! "The wee dafties" certainly need a "Big Yin". Isn't that what Billy Connolly calls himself? Given his wife's new profession, either of them could apply.