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I lived in Alabama my whole life before I moved here. I live about 20 minutes outside of the Cincinnati area. I have never lived somewhere so..beautiful before. I moved here only a few weeks ago. I don't know many people yet. I want to explore the city a bit, but I find it so intimidating.
Kathros Kathros
22-25, F
7 Responses Oct 24, 2011

Hi I am in cincinnati for about 25 minutes away

That's funny I've lived right outside Cincinnati my whole life and want to move to Alabama

I live in Hamilton, Ohio...just north of Cincinnati. This town isn't really beautiful but Cincinnati is, which is where I am from. There is a lot to do in Cincinnati...i don't know which way you live away from Cincy but you can always talk to me

I live about 40 mins north of you in Dayton Ohio

513--- I'm in 614

Welcome to Ohio. I live near Akron, which is about 3 and a half hours north of you.

Hey there and welcome to the area! I live about an hour outside of Cincy at the moment (staying with my mom after a bad break up while I try to finish school) but I'm hoping to move back into the big city soon. Cincinnati can be...strange at first and people can seem rude (and some are) but it has a lot of good points too. I hope you come to feel at home soon! If you have any questions about the area, I'll gladly answer any I can.