I Have A Broken Heart

Feeling kind of blue and just thought I would tell you all...Life is sure not as easy as I thought it would be...:(

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4 Responses Feb 16, 2010

awwww...big bummer! Some of it just makes NO sense huh? wow....try and keep smiling.....!

Thank you for your thoughts. The short of it would be... Met my (what I thought was) my soul mate after a lonely marriage of 12 years and a life of many up and downs. He also claimed I was his. Our relationship seemed perfect and we had no problems(or so I thought). We both filed for divorce and his became final a few weeks ago. Three days later he said he didn't think a life with me would be a happy one-??? I tell you this was out of the blue as we got along so well. I am stunned and numb that anyone would trash a relationship that worked so well...<br />
Thanks again for your thoughts and comments-much appreciated in my low time...

yep...mine is broken too...mine is a strange story though...what's yours about?

Tell us about your broken heart. We have probably all had our hearts broken at one time or several<br />
times. We can relate.