Where Is My My Soul Mate? Could It Be You?

I figure to heck with my broken heart-his loss not mine.... The circumstances were not in my favour-if only I had of known.... However why should I close my mind to the possibility that my soul mate is still out there somewhere-cause I bet he is. I have so much love to offer and far more-I am a beautiful, loving, compassionate and open minded caring woman. Why should I spend my days alone-I don't want to. I want to share them with someone who is deserving and appreciative of what I have to offer. Why am I telling you all this-I don't really know-lol-I suppose in the unlikely event you are my soul mate and just happen to stumble upon this....

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5 Responses Feb 18, 2010

My Dreamland is Canada! My Dream girl is Canadian. From past 11 years am trying to move to the holy land of Canada. You may or may not know about Atlantis....... But now myself came to know that a most mystic person is waiting for me?
Thanking You,

A broken heart is a deadly pain, cope best you can and if it's meant to be then it will be.

YES its TRUE! Tell me about Yourself, about your young age, middle age activities, dedications to society, relationships, habits, any feelings? I may or may not. I don't know. You truly love him who asks above questions........ I think.

dont fret... i had a broken heart too.. i was with a man twice my age...with him for three month..i loved him to bits..but there were problems..not to mention age differences he had more of a problem with the 'gap' then i did...i found out a myabe 2 weeks of being with him, that we just never had ANYTHING in common..and NOT cuz of the age thing.. i know other 50 yr olds that i have more in common with then him...anyways dont worry about it...in time you will get over it...it took me a month or two to totally get over it..i was alittle relieved actaully..im afraid to admit..he kept putting me down and everything i liked..it was better then we parted ways...dont worry...now you have a chance to meet new people and find someone else..:) *huggles*

im not sure if i am your soulmate..i am a female ;) shouldnt this be in the "i am looking for my soulmate" section?..there probably is one..lol i assume you live in ontario?? me too! i love ontario..