Love Melbourne Weather

love it because it so unpredictacble. never boring. always a surprise.
Luciency Luciency
26-30, F
4 Responses May 12, 2012

Hey there, how are you doing?
Read your profile and you seems pretty interesting, I would love to know more about you, let me know when can we chat...

My body is still trying to adjust to melbourne . I was brought up on the equator where day or nights are equal. Temperature averaging 25 deg Celsius the whole year. Melbourne is like someone has a big switch , when you start smiling that the weather is good, here comes a heat wave. When you start crying of heat, here comes a cold waves. I have stopped complaining . I just live day by day. How I miss Nairobi weather!

hope you will add me

I start work at 4am it is too cold that time of the day