Ptc Is A *****

i am 25 years old i was diagnosed with ptc when i was 15 i went for almost a whole entire year in the hospital being transferred around sending being sent home n doctors telling my parents i was a hypochondriac and had nothing wrong with me, n guess hwta my family believed them doctors, i coudnt see out of either one of my eyes i couldnt walk i started to not bea ble to talk normal i would fall out with these crazy spasms n my head would make all kinds of weird noises and i was throwing up all days everyday i lost 40 lbs in about a month <n thats what u call a hypochondiac?) oookay! so i was having spainl taps daily there were a number of times where they gave me 2 lps in a day , in a 24 hour period thats how bad my pressure was , i was finally sent to childrens hospital of philadelphia n it took them all of 2 days to find out what the doctors  in jersey for almosta  year couldnt find thru mris n cat scans n lp's , along with pseudo tumor i also had a bloodclot in my head, the doctors said my pseudo tumor was the result of a reaction from the birth control needle DEPo PROVERA i filed a lost suit that took about 4 years i settled for 30000 but no money in the world can fix the life long problem i deal with everyday now i am in constant pain i been on diamox for 10 years n ive been on narcotic pain medications since i was 15 which caused me to become addicted to them i am now tryin to get bakck my life but the pain never stops sometimes i cant even get out of bed becasue of all the spinal taps in my back i have have back painn from scar tissue and the headaches are still un bearable thankgod i did get my vision back from the diamox , alot of people have no idea what i deal with everyday this condition is serious and is painful and they say that women who are over weight get this but one of the reasons the drs never suspected i had this was because i wasnt over weight not even close i was 5-3 130 lbs if anyone could reasach out to me please do i really need someone to talk to who understands where i come from, since this has happened to me my hwhole life has stopped i have never continued to work everytime i do i lose my job due to the fact i cant go to work sikk im in a deep depression and its been a depression i cant get out of since this happened 10 years ago my health has never recovered from all the weight i loss my teeth were ruined from the throwing up for a year i feel like i just am deterioratiung n have been fora long time some please tell me im not the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
peace n love tara
LivingInPain25 LivingInPain25
Aug 6, 2010