Born and Raised!

I live in Philadelphia. I was born here and I still live here, for now. Someday, I wish to live Ireland! ;-)

But the history of my city is great. I am proud that our country's Declaration Of Independence was written here. And this was the state and city that many immigrants fled to, for freedom of expression and religion. This was home to the great Benjamin Franklin. And the Liberty Bell is here.

As for star appeal, this is the city that was home to Will Smith and David Boreanaz. Also Bill Cosby! And the famous movie, "Rocky" with Sylvester Stallone, there is a scene of him running up the many steps to the Philadelphia Art Museum for his training. A place that isn't too far from my house, btw. And the movie, "Philadelphia" starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington was filmed here, of course. Also in the movie, "Trading Places" starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd, a part of that was filmed in Philly. And Bono Vox (from the band U2), also visits my city often for concerts or charity events. Many rock-stars love to visit and mention my city in their lyrics too. The reality show, American Idol, is often holding auditions here... every summer. Yes, Simon, Randy, and Paula do come here every year. :-D

And we are most known for out famous Cheesestakes here too.

I think I will always have Philadelphia in my heart and soul. But it is time to move on, someday. Next stop, Ireland! =p

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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

I've never been to Pennsylvania. But your story leads me to believe it'd be an interesting place to visit.