I Live In Poverty

I remember my childhood being basically happy until I was about 10.  Although my parents were both professionals who made good money, by that time all three of my sisters were in college and my older brother had been in the hospital for a year, so money was tight.  I remember my classmates laughing at me for wearing the same pair of red pants every day for a week.  I asked my mother to buy me some new clothes and she told me I should be grateful for what I had, that she had grown up during the Depression and she remembered kids who had holes in their shoes, etc..  I was born when my parents were in their late 30's and was different from my peers, whose parents were mostly Baby Boomers who didn't mind maxing out their credit cards to buy their kids designer jeans and sneakers, etc..

By the time I was in high school, we were better off financially.  My parents had new cars and my brother and I didn't have to wear our cousins' ill-fitting hand-me-downs anymore.  Unfortunately, by that time I was battling episodes of suicidal depression.  I thought it was due to my unhappy family situation.  My parents hardly spoke to each other by then and my mom often alluded to wanting to commit suicide to escape her unhappy life.  I worked hard to make straight A's and was accepted to college a year and a half early on the basis of my SAT scores.

When I got to college, I found that my unhappiness followed me.  I became so depressed that I couldn't concentrate on my studies and failed my first year.

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I defiently understand the clothes thing. I was the same way. Had to wear the same pair of worn out jeans everyday to school. Many times had to wear the same pair of jeans that were too short for me. I complained once also and was told I was lucky to have what I had. The red pants reminded me of something when I was in elementary school also. One year I think third grade I outgrew my jeans so rest of school year the only pants I had to wear was a old pair of plaid slacks somehow had been given to us. they barley fit as well but for probley three and half months of schooleveryday I wore these green brown and red like slacks. I was used to wearing the same pair of jeans everyday but the slacks made it worse.

I'm totally agree with Traicey, try to see the goods things of your life and try to help to change the others.<br />
Be strong and intelligent.

My teens were similar. Rich parents, string of bad luck, made fun of my clothes, and depression. <br />
<br />
I'm 51 now and still live in poverty. Fight it while you can! Figure out what you want and go for it. Don't let it go. Hold on when you get it. <br />
<br />
Life is harder than they say. You have to be kind of ruthless.

Life out there is not walking in the path side by side, its all about tough choices and working hard, we cant change our past but we cab change our future so better to focus on what future holds for us, evrybody has gone thru some stages of rough path but u have to be strong no one said we gona live a trouble free life am I right???<br />
<br />
PS Traicey

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