I Lived In Real Poverty Till Now

I used to live on $320 a month most months. I am in Canada and 2 new services from the government have opened since my last story.

One service, I will get an ADDITIONAL $222 from and a second service, I may get around $200 or so, about.

Do the math and TACK these TWO payments on TOP of the present $320 that I always will get no matter what. This whole "mess" of forms took place in the room of a week and a half. My first wad of cash is to come in June sometime.

Please be advised that this is AFTER I have rent and electricity paid for. I get over 700 dollars AFTER the already paid for rent and power.

I do NOT know how I paid bills with the previous $320 a month. I just did. I know WAY less how I did NOT EVER run up a bill over 500 and get things shut off for that.
jmintuck jmintuck
May 16, 2012