The Most Frustrating Thing About Poverty

The most frustrating thing about poverty is the lack of resources. Most things cost money. If you're poor it means you don't have the money to purchase resources. In a lotta cases the very resources that might enable you to get out of poverty.

The old saying...gotta have money to make so true!

Just wish I knew a way out. At my age and with my circumstances...'get a job' not an option. I've hit a dead end street.
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3 Responses Oct 10, 2012

This really hits the nail.. Nothing angers me as much as people who, among making other silly assumptions about what's it like to live in poverty, tell me that I should just study, get a job and voila, become "unpoor" just like that. It seems like these privileged people have no grasp of what it's like, how you have to pay to get into exams where people consider whether or not they'll even take you to study there in the first place..

I wish you all the best in the future :)

I can feel you.

I grew up in a middle class midwest rural was a teacher, mom stayed home. Coming down over the last ten years into dire poverty is terrible! I am on disability and would like to work part time but am literally too poor car needs work to be able to get to a job and i dont live on a busline....very frusrating!