Poverty Is Not Hindrance To Success

I came from a simple family in the province of Surigao Del Norte. My mother is a housewife while my father is a farmer. I have 8 siblings, 5 sisters and 2 brothers. My parents’ income is just enough to support our daily needs. Farming is our primary source of income. During my free days and summer vacation, I help my father to plow our small rice field. I help them plant vegetables and grains. Although it was really tough, it was the least thing that I can do to offer help and be expedient. Since vegetables and crops are seasonal, my parents decided to put up a small sari-sari store in front of our house so that even when farm is not in season we still have a source of income.

It was not easy to have a big family while your financial status is unstable. That’s what has happened to my family. We went through a lot of hardships, set backs and challenges. There were times that we have to go to school without any coins in our pocket. But my parents never stopped to find solutions to our problems. They pawned our field to support our education. Though it was a big loss to our family, it’s the only choice that they have. And time came that they got associated in a micro-finance company, the ASKI.

Although we are living in poverty, my parents never forget to teach us good values and morals. They molded us to becoming good individuals. They introduced to us our Almighty God. They raised us with fear in Him.

As a son of a humble couple, I knew my parents’ offerings and sacrifices for us and I knew how hard to live in poverty. That’s why I promised to myself that I will do well in my studies to equate my parents’ sufferings. I graduated with honors in grade school and valedictorian in high school. I saw how happy and proud my parents were during that time.

Before I graduated in high school, my mother informed me about the academic scholarship, a scholarship sponsored by the kind-hearted Mr. and Mrs. Gordon and Helen Smith under the management of APPEND. She was very eager to fill up my application form and to fix my requirements. She told me that it will be a big help to us if I will be qualified. But I was reluctant at first. I thought it was too good to be true. But all my doubts have gone after I become one of the KILOS scholars. It was like a fantasy came to life.

After that, changes started to occur in my life. My personality has changed. Before, I used to be bashful and aloof but now I have my confidence and I can easily mingle with other people. I learned how to dress up properly in accordance to the occasion unlike before. I also learned to be independent because I’m away from my family. Sometimes when I have excess in my allowance I give it to my mother. And most especially, through the fellowship that the scholarship program is giving, my relationship to God becomes more intact and solid.

Now I have all the opportunity to fulfill my dreams; to give a better life for my family. Currently, i am now officially 2nd year college with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering>:)
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Polmart that was a very interesting and inspiring story. Well done on providing an insight into your life. I am not necessarily a believer of god but I am most impressed that you have a belief, strong at that by the words you have written and, that the love of your family is still utmost in your mind. Good luck to you in your degree and future.

Thank you very much my friend. .