What Bus Do You Take?

I used to take the 22 everywhere, cause it crosses the Mission, cuts through the Castro, up to Pac Heights, down to Cow Hollow, through Campus and dumps you out at the bay.

The 1 is OK, but very crowded during rush hour.

Oh! The F-Line is cool, too. Much better than Cable cars cause it's cheaper and you can ride longer.
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2 Responses Oct 13, 2006

J-church 22-filmore. Geary st:,, what's the number 4 clement st 1 California

For me it's The 18 and the N line out here in the Outer Set. I hate the N at rush hour. I don't pay $45/month to feel like I'm trapped in a sardine can for couple hours a day. Run more N lines PLEASE MUNI!