I Love San Fran

Im a bay area native I miss home sooooo much im from san mateo ive been gone for almost 2 years i plan to go back soon i hope

canfieldsadie canfieldsadie
2 Responses Sep 15, 2010

San Mateo your bringing back memories...I lived all around there how about truesdale? San Mateo ave and Calfornia...there is a street with a bunch of shops and resturants...long ago a club called Bayon Bay it had huge bay windows and a upstairs area...a bar located smack in the middle of the club...your bringing me back memories...long ago...but fun...my mother lived on Geary street since I was a child...I grew up in northern cali such memories...

I was born in San Mateo and have been gone since the early 90's. I miss it everyday.....Good luck.