I Just Moved To Sf And Got Robbed

I was wandering around Westfield mall after doing some early morning shopping, and feeling pretty good cus I had gotten lots of good deals during the day.

I went inside the washroom and after getting inside a stall, there was no hook to hang my stuff, so I put it on the toilet paper dispenser. Then I left the washroom after hurrying to get out because there was a big line.

After I remembered my stuff 2 minutes later and went back into the washroom to get it, it was gone!! Someone had taken my stuff!

I mean, if you see someone else's bag, why would open it and look inside? And then decide "hm this looks good, I think I'll take this"??? Like, the sheer lack of morals is absolutely disgusting.

I was so depressed for the rest of the day. The stuff wasn't worth that much money, but I felt so violated and it left a terrible impression on me. Urg, the person who took it is absolutely terrible. She didn't even think of the effect it would have on the person the bag belongs to, just how she can take advantage, what a disgusting person.

I hope she gets hit by a bus.

Silver lining: valuable lesson learned, if there's no hook, put your bags in front of you, even if it has to be on the floor!
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4 Responses Nov 26, 2012

"I hope she gets hit by a bus" - my kinda gal lol That does suck that some clown jacked your things. Has happened to me a time or two as well. Best course of action - consider them low lives that are desperate. Made me feel better about my situation! I just got back from SF - love that town!


I feel your pain. This is SUCH a tragedy...

thank you. finally, someone who understands what's it's like to be robbed in the washroom. you must have personal experience. i'd really appreciate it if you shared too.

You wuz ROBBED. Like Al Gore...and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

I didn't understand any of these cultural references. Get with the times old man!

Any chance the person may have brought it to Lost and Found at Westfield? That's what I would've done. Just hoping there's a silver lining.

i've checked with the Lost and Found, even left all the description/contact info there, no calls so far...

thanks tho :)