I Have Been There Once

I got to go there on vaction about 15 years ago. I loved it there, I really enjoyed pier 39. Me and my dad went there because we have family that lives about an hour from there. So we went and visted and went site seeing. The redwood forset is awsome I think if anyone has the chance to go and see how huge and beautiful those trees are they should take it. Its an awsome experience that I will never forget.

branmichelle branmichelle
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6 Responses Feb 2, 2009

Well I am from Arkansas so it was kinda nice to go somewhere new

Come to the UK mewold, you will not be saying that after. Its the pits.

Where at in Kansas?

I was raised in Kansas, the Land Of Nothing. So anyplace I visit is wonderful.

I went there once..... Once!

did you make sure to wear flowers in your hair?