Used to Live In Sf

i was born in the bay area, lived there almost my whole life (seventeen years) and spent a couple of those living in the city. i hated it at the time, compared to other cities, like oakland, where i LOVED living. it was always so cold and foggy and windy in SF.

i live in FL now and miss SF hella much! i miss living in a big city. its such a special place to me now, more so than when i had lived there! what a shame....
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1 Response Aug 14, 2007

Hi Sorry to hear you miss SF so had you thought of moving back or do obligations prevent that now. I can understand you missing it as I ve heard so many good things about it from a friend who has been there and loved it. Do you still have friends you keep in contact with there. I would imagine you do so I suppose you can or do go visit but its not the same as living somewhere you love I know. At the moment I just feel like packing up and moving with my home situation but its not always possible and I said to my son abroad sounds great but it would be a big wrench but sometimes when things are not working out you just feel you want to go to a new city or country for a fresh start. But hope you do get to go visit or eventually move back there if its close to your heart. It was actually somewhere I was talking to my son about visiting he wants to visit san diego as one of the wwe wrestlers comes from there but I was trying to explain big place and they would probably not be in the city at the time anyway. I dont know how far san diego is from san Fran I should imagine quite a fair distance. Anyway hope your well take care paula