BMW...after a Dui Is Bart, Muni Or Walking

yeah I can relate. Taking muni in SF is like a contact sport. I walk whenI'm not in my cab,,or bike it..although I do have a beater (car)...
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A beater! Ive had many beaters, or as the Pennsylvania Dutch say "clunker's". <br />
<br />
The best was a 1968 Chevy Something-Or-Other Station Wagon. Huge hood, bench seats (nudge, nudge say no more...), a lot of room behind the rear seat for carrying stuff. <br />
I looked like crap!Faded green paint job, the seats were shredded, destroyed! I covered them w/ a blanket. <br />
It had holes in the floor Approx.8"X10")& you could see the road go by. I put a piece of 3/4" plywood over it. The dashboard was cracked big time & the foam padding was hanging out<br />
In 1974 I drove it to Denver CO from the East Coast, & back again. Ran like a champ, but ate oil. Years later, I sold it for $200 to a friend & he wrecked it soon after.

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