Texas Here I Come

 Hey Everyone,

 The days are counting down to the day when I am moving down to Dallas, TX.  I am excited and happy to be moving down. At the moment I live in San Jose, CA and not liking it to much here. I am looking forward to the southern hospitality and the warm weather.

erinjt erinjt
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2007

i have never lived in texas before but compared to the rest of the states besides hawaii its the best place to live. i just bought a house in wylie and i love it. the only complaint i have is the heat (omg the heat ) and the crazy road design.

lived in texas all my life i couldnt live anywhere else, have u lived in texas before?

So far so good, i love plano<br />
Its such a nice place <br />
its a little strange for me because its Nov. and there is no snow :|<br />