Alone On An Island

Though I don't live on the island entirely by myself- I have a job, gotta pay the rent, all that- I do live alone (and have for four years), in a less-traveled area of the island. I have things within reach, but nobody ever bothers me here in this small upstairs apartment. I live very privately, and I spend my evenings either doing energy work or meditating, or surfing the net. And sometimes I play my Wii. I don't have a TV or cable. I have been single for six years, and even though I welcome dating opportunities, I don't feel lonely. I have friends to spend time with when I want to and I always have fun with them.

I can sometimes hear the ocean surf pounding on the beach when it's windy. I enjoy the silence. I can see every star in the sky at night. I can watch lightning storms like movies through my living room window- and I take pictures of them.

I feel like I have found what everybody is looking for. Even in the summer, when this place is jam-packed with tourists and summer residents. I am virtually unaffected in the vicinity of my home.
monsterdog81 monsterdog81
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2 Responses Oct 27, 2010

Sounds like you found your own piece of paradise :-) I would love to live where you live. It sounds amazing...

haha, i know its outdatted post but can i live with you?