"religion Vs. Atheism" ,who Wins? Who Cares!

Okay,I'm not a bible beater,I don't claim Christianity,but I'm not atheist either. As a matter of fact,I've BEEN over the whole "religion vs. atheism" BS fights I constantly hear. Many atheists are shoving their beliefs in nothing like gays shove their gay lifestyle in your face,as if you should care in the first place. I have nothing against atheists or gays,but because of where I was born,I get flack for EVERYTHING negative that OTHER people do.

Q1. Are you white and from the bible belt?Guess what,that automatically labels you as a racist redneck that cant read or write or talk right.

Q2. Do you believe in anything at all?Yes?Well you're automatically a bible beater.

Q3. Are you from the bible belt and prefer the opposite sex?Guess what,you're homophobic!

A1. Guess what?I'm married(or soon)to a loving Mexican -American man,and I'm white. If I couldn't read or write then I wouldn't even know how to use a computer let alone turn it on!And if you can't understand me when I speak tell me to TALK LOUDER. I admit I'm soft spoken but that doesn't make me an illiterate hillbilly.

A2. Yes,I believe in something,if you care to know,then I'll tell you. If you don't want to know then I won't bother. Either way,I DON'T CARE what you believe as long as you don't go killing or hurting people. If I cared about you being an atheist ,I would've started rambling off passages of the bible as if to do a virtual exorcism online!I don't even know every passage in there. I just try to learn what guidelines were meant to actually be learned. Like the 7 deadly sins for example .Greed kills,which is why it's considered a "deadly sin".Don't believe me? Look at gangs and why they do the stupid stuff they do.

A3. Yes,I'm into men!But that doesn't mean I smack lesbians that looks at me like a hungry kid looks at cake! I'm actually flattered. I DO have the understanding that there are "good" and "bad" gays/lesbians. They lie,cheat,steal,love,give,care just like any other human being does. There are gay people I like and some I can't stand. I can't stand the gay ***** that bullied me in school,and I don't mean "gay" as in "jerk/stupid".One of my co workers is gay and he keeps me laughing with his craziness and is one of the best managers I have had since one of my favorites left. He even got me to go to a gay club,and yes,I loved it. The queens were amazing and the music kept me pumpin'.


If you are not from the bible belt,READ THE ABOVE AGAIN!Yes,this is true. Not everyone who lives in the bible belt is a bible beater. The worst case scenario I've ever heard in that issue actually comes from Topeka, Kansas. There is a big family that calls their cult a "baptist church".They are the ones holding picket signs saying "God hates ****" and "Thank God for dead soldiers"(as in,thank God they're dead).When people think of the south they think of the Phelps family from Kansas. Keep in mind,Kansas is not in the south!

I had one jackass tell me,"you're pretty smart for someone from the south".Oh,gee,thanks mister I'm "a hootnin' and a hollerin'" over that insult poorly disguised as a compliment. Intelligence doesn't mean you graduate with a masters in biochemistry. Hell,there are too many doctors out there who have a masters and don't know the first thing about the particular career they're in because they cheated on the exams. There are people out there who can make a Nissan Z with just a toothpick,rubber band and safety pin,yet they don't have a college degree yet. I will admit,there are people who fit the bible belt stereotype,but not all people in the bible belt  do.

There are people who did not grow up or live in the bible belt,yet still think if you're gay or simply don't belong to their church,you're going to hell. We need to take away the "bible belt" title and just admit it's all over America,if not the world. I used to date a Chinese man who believed I was going to hell because I got tired of everything coming out of his mouth being about church. AND HE'S FROM CHINA! Yes people,there are bible beaters in China and even some Jewish people I've met.

And even if you're not religious and claim to have morale then preach what YOU practice yourselves instead of shoving it in peoples faces when they say they believe in God. I find it hypocritical when people catapult themselves over my point whenever I answer a question someone makes about God. They always land in an ocean of "WTFness?!?!?" And try to tell me what I believe rather than read all of my message. All they may see is a statement that even remotely sounds like I believe in God and I get jumped as if I really said something wrong .People have become too easily offended these days. Why?Because they want to play the victim rather than take responsibility for themselves. Many people these days think that just because someone shoves something in their face,that they will become the better person if they start some stupid debate that doesn't even matter.

Want to be the better person?WALK AWAY! It's their hell,let them burn in it if you feel offended at the showboating. If you're Christian,Atheist,Jewish,Buddhist,etc. and you're tired of the "religion vs. atheism" debate like I obviously am, then give me a  "HOOH-RAH!"


ChihiroChan ChihiroChan
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

Good for you. I go to a church in Bristol England. We have a lay minister who is gay and lives with his partner (35yrs). He does not 'openly' tell people he's gay but will talk to you if you ask about it. I've even taken one of my Muslim coworkers with me to the church picnic on occasions. They made him feel very welcome. Come as you are.