Living On the Outskirts of a Famous City In Modern Day Britain

I am a fourty four year old white male and i live in a privately owned(my wife pays the mortgage and works in managerial position for a homeless charity in the city centre)four bedroomed, terrase, Council house on the, now in-famous, Blackbird Leys Council estate in east Oxford.I live with my wife(my age) and my son(fourteen) who attends the local school, Peers technicol college but currently asleep because he's been up half the night playing x-box live...!Also we have two dog's,Wellington- a Leonburger(big hairy mountainy kind?)plus a little Yorkshire Terrorist- Olive and last but not least Colin-a Dutch Blue, Giant rabbit who wanders around the garden eating what ever as the mood takes him/her(we're not too sure?) Colin is'nt bothered by the dogs atall and all pets get on and mix well( does'nt rate having to share carrots much though?).Any way(hope there's a spell check thingy on this?)three and a half years      ago i was released from my final prison sentence(served half of a three year sentence)and since then i've totally turned myself around and now as each day passes... so does my life move on away from my old.Oxford is a strange city because it's devided into three areas,colleges,then rich, then poor and that's it!,when people from around the globe think about Oxford i bet nobody thinks about me in my dining room,tapping away on this thing,me, who moved to Oxford over twenty five years ago and still here just like all the dreaming spires and seats of learning etc,but obviously not so well known....first time i've ever done something like this,thanks for reading?

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Oxford too...born and bred ...when you have seen other towns and cities from all over then come back to Oxford and Oxfordshire you appreciate what a great place it is....since your post I'd think you'd agree the leys are much improved.

I'm from Oxford, Blackbirdleys actually, I now live just outside Oxford having moved to East Anglia and then coming back again. I know it's been five years since your post but I wondered if you still use EP. Also I know what you mean about how Oxford is perceived internationally, Little do they know Fred

hey fred.<br />
i'm in northamptonshire.