The Country

                                          i live out in the country. i have three acres with a mountain and woods and a creek running thru the property. i dont like it that much in the winter but i love it in the spring and summer. it does keep me busy mowing and weedeating tho. but, i still love it!

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Yes there is an awesome God!!

Yes,,, as I sit here watching the deer, wild Turkeys, and all the wild birds with a cup of coffee and a new Day is a brewing as the sun rises.<br />
Yes,,, there is a an awesome God

Wow Chickadeedee that is definitely my kind of living. No people and all that wildlife. Id love it.

Thanks Kindal and icb4r I appreciate it ladies


That is the best way to live do you have a wood stove ?

I also live in the country 5 1/2 beautiful acres at the base of a mountain with 2 creeks on the property.

thanks handy for commenting!

Me too JoJO,,, I live in a fish bowl, no curtains here and no neighbors either, they are down the road a piece.<br />
Country way of liveing is the only way to be liveing I think

Thanks Lilycue yes it is pretty peaceful!

Thanks all of you!!

Party at your house! I'll bring the Jello shooters!

It is so peaceful and quiet. We don't have to have curtains on the windows (I do have blinds in the bedrooms) and no one is here to mind your business. Every morning I look outside and it's a little greener in the woods. Beautiful!<br />
Did you ever google earth where you live? It's really awesome. I am looking forward to a great picnic, friends! Have a great day

Yes! Let's have a picnic! I too used to live in the "Big City". I lived in DC for 10 years (where I was stalked once) and I also lived in Raleigh, NC, which is a pretty big city now. It seemed I always managed to have the worst neighbors too. So rude! Even though I "survived" and even thrived in those cities, I wouldn't trade living here for anything! My soul was telling me to find peace and I found it here. I love wildlife too, so it couldn't have worked out better. Love and peace to you my friends! Big hugs!!!!!

I too live in the country. We have 8 acres at the base of one of the last foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We have a beautiful spring fed stream running through our property. When you walk back there, there is a beautiful hill that slopes down to the creek and it is covered in the most beautiful ferns! It's one of my favorite places on earth. A great place to go relax, contemplate and just spend some time off the beaten path. Come girls! Let's have a picnic!

i know what you feel mizzblue <br />
its great to be away of the busy streets and noise <br />

I am going to add this as one of my goals. I want to move back to the country. I grew up in the country - loved it. <br />
Moved to the city when I was 15. I am ready to go back. I miss this so much. I just want a slower, laid back honest life.

I also live in the country. Have just over 2 acres of land, Kanawha River just down the hill in my back yard, and trees everywhere, all around and nothing but a large field with nothing but woods behind it on the other side of the river. There are cows in the field from time-to-time and deer.<br />
<br />
Also, Canadian Geese and 2 Blue Herons hang out at the bottom of my property on the edge of the river. Also have seen 2 Piliated Woodpeckers (the Woody Woodpecker type; they're big) and hawks and all other kinds of birds here. Ahhh, the foothills of WV.

wow, that sounds so nice and peiceful !<br />
i sort of live in the country, what i mean is they cal it country but its not really. nothing like where you live. which is by the way my dream house. i am building a pond with a waterfall, haha but that covering the sound of my pool pump which is not nice to the ears. <br />