And I Love It.

It's easy to take forgranted just how lucky I am to live in isolation and be apart of a small country community until I visit the suburbs in the city. You come to realise just how very lonely it is for so many people, despite the enormous population. People don't smile at one another when they pass by on the street..or stop to say g'day, how's things? There is very little sense of community...a sense that we are all looking out for one another.

I know what it is like to be a city folk...I grew up in the city...but nothing could convince me to ever move is so much richer in the country...

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Indeed this is so true, its what i miss the most.

Oh I really wish I lived by the day...<br />
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I was lucky enough to visit New Zealand recently. The whole south island was just like a small community...friendly people, peace, quiet, beautiful scenery...and everywhere you went you were not far from the sea! Perfect!

I just checked back in here and read what funnylingerer had to say. It's very true. It's not that people in the city are necessarily less friendly - just more reserved and often busier. More effort has to be made.<br />
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It's a good sentiment - and a lot less cynical than the commonly held one.


Mmm i'd love to live in the bush.

I;m glad you found this group WAM. You know, there is always room for more people in the country :)

I know this post has been around a while, but I've only just found it !<br />
Although I'm a city dweller, I always try to look people in the eye, smile and say g'day or hello or whatever - most of the time, it works, and it's a positive experience.<br />
I would love, however, to have the freedom you have at your place - walking around with the sun on my skin, the lack of pretense.<br />
Enjoy it - I'm glad you recognise how lucky you are

Oh, wow... forced nudity. When someone refuses to let me put clothes on at all and keeps me naked. You've just played into one of my great fantasies.

*piles clothes into a heap outside and sets them alight*<br />
<br />

An invitation? To me? Even after all reading all about my inclinations towards nudity, self-loving and general lack of inhibitions going on?<br />
<br />
Cool. I need to check my passport now.

*send invitation out to TNP*<br />
<br />
I know what you mean about the suburbs..blah..none of the convenience and excitement of being in the city and all of the crap bits of living with people so close to you.<br />
<br />
*wanders out naked to turn off the hose at the front of the house*

I was born in Edinburgh. I've left this town plenty of times but keeping ending up back here.<br />
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When I was young, I lived in the countryside for a few years and I've always wanted to return there. Now, I've got a duality going on here. I like the city centre, because it's busy and convenient and fun. And I like the country because it's remote and isolated and I don't ever have to put on clothes if I don't have to. But I hate the suburbs. And that's what I have right now.<br />
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I'm very jealous of you. I want to visit and completely discard my clothes. I want to spend my entire time wandering about your property completely free and naked.

It is so true - the bigger the city, the more isolated you can feel. Weird that. What is it that makes it so? Should be the other way - more people to chose from.

So , so true...that is why people need to force themselves to get out and about despite feeling crappy...

yes I believe that too... I remember having some very very bad days and how a so small and simple thing as a curious look from a stranger makes a difference. It can get me out of my head and make me realize how alone it is possible to convince yourself that you are when actually there are people and lives walking and sitting and talking all around you...!

I'm glad that you do this...don't ever change...I believe it does make a difference to people's lives...

I live in a city and if I have a good day I smile and meet the eyes of people in the street... about half of them take it for what it is; a friendly gesture and a feeling of sharing a small moment in time and space connected to someone you've never seem and probably wont meet again, the other half either look at me like I'm a little crazy or believe I'm checking them out (guys!)

lol Penguin...that's one of the great benefits of living in an isolated location...being able to saunter around naked....

I live 25 minutes from the city... but my house looks onto a conservation farm.. 140 acres... with a big red barn.. Our property dips off sharply and a single lane road separates us from the farm.<br />
Last night I watched a deer ambling down the road as if it owned it... It really is a treat to watch the sun rise in the morning. The corn is getting high and very soon I'll be able to tan nekkid on the deck.

Still...I love to try to rub some of my country friendliness off to people in the's amazing how well they respond to it in general...<br />
<br />
Love striking up a conversation with people on public transport or out in the park...then again it could just be me...I'm a curious person and love to try to understand what is behind a face.

Thanks for commenting FF. Do you live in the country?

I never looked at it like that, you have a valid point.