I Cant Let It Go

Everyday im living in the past ,I just cant seen to get away from it ,its their in my head driving me sane making me not forget .
why cant it move on why wont i let it move on, whats wrong with me keeping the past inside my head its all bad things why does it stay why cant it see im not in the past instead of keeping me in the past. I'm going crazy!!!!!!
 I end up going of in my world always back to the past back to everythink that has already happen, why i try so hard to not go back but its my mind that takes me there eveythink i have seen and done everythink that has make me cry with pain hurt so deep inside , i know its gonna be their for life no matter how hard i try to run from the past its waiting for that chance to break me once again the chance to watch me lose myself.
what if i let the past win again then i will have to start from square one again and more pain and bad things to deal with the past will never leave ....
bubblepops bubblepops
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 7, 2010

I know forgetting things and moving on can be hard... like, impossible, or so it seems.<br />
Saw this vid a few days ago, you should check it out. Halped me understand things a bit.<br />