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Living A Life.

I Live a life. no procrastination. won't leave it for another day if i can do it today in my own way.
i worry not about tomorrow but the present. As an adage goes "tomorrow will worry about itself".
i love today, i cry today, i'm happy today, i'm sad today but i always keep in mind that is just for the day.
everything turns out right in the end...........
wrong to me may be the right for the situation at hand.
i live and always will live inĀ  the present moment cos yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future but today is the moment that's why its called
needyfun needyfun 18-21, F 4 Responses Mar 18, 2011

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you are welcome welshbabe. love your name btw.

You have a great philosophy here my young friend! and i am in complete agreement with you! :) We, i believe, have the same sense of "thinking" :) <br />
Thank you for your post! :)

okay i will check it out

You should check out the book by Ram Dass, titled "Be Here Now". I think it was one of the pivotal books that helped spread Estern Consciousness and spirituality to the Western (Un)Civliization.