Happy Under Pressure In The Moment

today is a new day

yesterday is gone

i live in the present

i try to strike a balance between work, play, and rest.

try to evaluate yourself correctly so that your goals are not beyond capacities.

having decided on your goals, be sure u are moving toward them.

then having put your best energy into your efforts leave the rest to god.

do that and there will be no pressure and u can live in the moment.u will find that life flows toward u...not away from u..toward power , toward health and toward a end to turmoil.. 


CrystalRainsPearls CrystalRainsPearls
41-45, F
5 Responses Jan 31, 2010

I am lost with the right words to say to you and i found all i want to say in Ironman's words.He express them exactly i want to say to you.

Hugs thank u! LiL SiS! Lov ya!

J.P. thank U! X

hehe thankx Pump-kin..X

awe hi A.T. (TIGER)..trying to keep busy..thank u!