Living In The Now Moment

Since i was a little girl I instinctively knew that the only important moment was the one i was present in... keeping my mind free of compulsive thinking about the past or future helped me stay focused and awake. Life is bright, free of negative influences when one remains focused on the hear and now. It is the gateway to God. Joy sits in the now, love sits in the now and all silence sits in the now. It is where creativity and genius sits. Staying present is for some really hard. Techniques to help you are.. watching your hands and keeping compulsive negative thinking away... focus on how everything looks, or feels helps you stay present. Smile at the feeling of now... as it is yours. hugs Mandy xx

MandyGabriel MandyGabriel
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7 Responses Jan 31, 2010

Thank you Technofreak :)

This is a very deep statement Infinite. Awesome.

I share your Nowness. As I see it Mandy, there isn't 'the present moment'...rather...there is One Moment that is always. Many perceive a 'series of moments'....but in reality there is only One Moment...and it Always Is. Time exists only as a measurement of change, and change is constant. But all change occurs within the One Moment. There isn't any Past, there isn't any Future, there isn't even a Present...Just One Moment.<br />
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Sorry, didn't mean to blather on...

Very wise words. I will definitely have to put this into practice. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Mandy, you inspire me!<br />
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there are many ways to practice... but after a while you learn to do it naturally constantly and its so joyful and peaceful that i love to help others find it... so i am so glad you found it helpful xx

great advice for staying present<br />