Cyberia Is Cold and Lonely

I work, live, shop, bank, pay bills, and play online within a world I call Cyberia in our home in Burlington, hence I refer to our home as the Tower of Burlington, for I am locked away forever as a spinning hampster without friends, family, or much contact with the outside world.

Guess I came here because I'm going in for my 1st major surgery on Monday and then will have a 2nd in April hopefully to finally fix my smile and make me socially acceptable and not a pumpkin-headed loser with a jack o'lantern smile LOL.

I fear other people because even the most casual stranger has an ugly word for me.  I guess my very existence is gross to others.  I'm serious, I can just be walking into a store and someone might say, "Wow!  You're too white?!"  or once when I did venture out with friends to a local bar for a free comedy night, I was walking away with a pitcher of beer for our table and some guy I don't know from Adam said, "Some people shouldn't be allowed out without their leash!", the list goes on and on.  Why do people have to be so mean and rude?  Or is that just politically correct these days?

So I've gone back into hiding...but long to see sunlight, have friends again, and maybe even have fun on a regular basis.

You know what?!!  I'm such a loser that I tried to freakin' VOLUNTEER at about 10 different places that touted the need for volunteers and was turned down!! WOW!! How's that for shunned?  I guess maybe I'm an ogress like on Shrek and I should be happy to live in my Tower far removed from the mean people.

Anywhoo...that's my rant...if anyone out there knows how to help me get over it without actually smacking the foul mouthed ones, please, I'm all ears.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

Sorry, I haven't a clue.