Plenty of history. Without too much mystery.
Lots of castles and old houses from times long ago.
We have opera and theatre if you're after a show.
Gone are the coal mines,the shipyards and our own brands of cars.
These days banking and service industries are (Apparantly) how we star.
Foreign business is big. And we think it's funny. That these days that's largely how we make our money.
We have soccer and rugger and athletics too. Cricket and hockey and cycling and ju jitsu-(probably:)
Our food is fantastic. But not always traditional. And restaurants and take outs are nearly always plentiful.
Yes the weather is wet for nine months of the year. And we do love our football our roast dinners and beer.
But our people are friendly. We work hard and play fair. AndThere's always a welcome for any traveller here.
So I suppose with not much else to say.
Hello fellow stranger. Welcome to the UK.
picklebobble picklebobble
51-55, M
Aug 18, 2014