The 1000 Acre Forest

I live in the woods of Arkansas.  I don't think I  could ever live in the city.  Just driving there makes me nervous.  It takes a special mentality to live this way.  No conveniences.  If you want a loaf of bread you may have to drive 15 miles to get it.  We do have a hardware and feed store and a small grocery store.  We live on garden food and deer meat & wild hog meat.  I can my own food, sew my own clothes, quilt with scraps, needle work, you name it.  I love this life. 

There are big cats out there - mostly yellow panthers and bob cats.  Hoot owls, screech owls, whippoorwills, deer, wild hogs and coyotes to name a few,  At night you can hear all the wild animals in the woods.  Sometimes you can even see their eyes glow at the edge of the woods.

Once there was a coyote on the front porch.  We had a stare down.  He won.

This is funny... there was an Opossum eating with our outside cats the other night.  they just looked up at us then went back to eating together.  haha  Huge coons come and dine on the back porch, too.  I opened the door and it just looked at me and went on about its business.

Yes.  It's God's country out here.  We get stranded from time to time with flood waters or snow.  Best be stocked up on food rations such as flour & cornmeal.  We have chickens and gather our own eggs.  No milk cow though.  Although as a youngster i churned butter with my Granny.

It has its downfalls though.  Our community has become drug ridden.  Because of its remoteness and its rivers, meth labs have become a problem.  There is always some ugly where there's beauty.  So sad.  Also, the timberlands aren't free to the locals anymore.  What we call the "Big Whigs"  (hunters) from the city have leased up all the land and gated off the river access.  Even the country is getting crowded. frown   

God bless
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You create wonderful image.

Sounds like a little piece of heaven you have there. Thanks for sharing that