Actually I Don't Live There Anymore..:)

I miss it though. We have talked of living there when we retire. 

I am from the northwest corner of the state. Just south of the border.

Those of us from there call it Washington.

Others call it Washington State... I believe that is a college.. right?  wink

We call the other one DC. Makes sense to me!

Here though i am always explaining, and I have found myself saying Washington State a few times. Very annoying.

I have had people ask me if I am Canadian, said I have the same accent. hmm no, actually i don't!!!

I have grown to love Louisiana, but miss home. I think anyone would, right?

I just need to visit more.:yescheeky
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Ahh so nice to have someone who understands!!!<br />

Hi SS, I grew up in Oregon, around Portland area, now in Midwest. I miss those beautiful mountains, people in Midwest have no idea how pretty the Northwest it. Don't even have a clue. Smiles.