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Just Moved Here

I moved here to help my parents take care of my gma while I go to school. I don't know anyone here and I miss my friends.
missadventurer missadventurer 22-25, F 7 Responses Sep 26, 2010

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Where'd you move from? I just came from utah :)

Good luck finding your niche where you moved!

Hey sexy how are u

Hi! I could be your true friend here! :)

That is very sweet of you to help take care of you Grandmother. If you are going to college I am sure it willnot take long to meet some people i a class. Maybe you can join a study group and make friends that way.<br />
good luck

Meeting new friends can be hard when moving into a new place, give your self a little time. I am sure that you will find some new friends. Good Luck, if you do ever want to talk, please let me know, i am here for you. I can at least listen anyway :0

im looking for friends here to if you want to be friends then except my friend request