Tormenting Me Inside My Head

Idk wtf is wrong with me but i do knw i've bn thru a lot of crap n my lyfe at first i handed it,then i began to crash tryin to be my own mother,father,friend,etc n order to be my own independent source, idk y or when i started living n my head all i knw is this i would rather die than reside n my mind 247....there is no thrill or joy in living there because i cn hear demonic forces assisting me to stay n there...they want me to live there so i cn miss out on tha lyfe jesus died to gve me that is their mission to hold me hostage n my mind :-( however i guess tha good news is the more i read scriptures based on what im going thru and i pray and spend time tryin to trust n focus on what god says n that area,the more i get or see a lil lee way....time,dedication ,mind renewal,faith and lots of fkn patience!!! Its nt easy...sumbody reach out who cn relate so we cn overcome together 24 smart,beautiful,mixed,funny,fun but dealing with ths...let's overcome dis together amen
idontknowwhatswrong idontknowwhatswrong
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012