Betrayed By Friends So Retreat To My Head

I am always thinking, analyzing, predicting and assuming what other people are thinking. I believe I am very intuitive and often think I even know their thoughts. For some silly reason I care too much what other people think too. Yet, the real truth is that these are just assumptions and are not really true. But I'm overly sensitive as well. I feel sad when my coworkers don't talk to me as much as I think they should. I'm very aware of cliques formed all around me and don't really wish to be exclusive, but hate being left out. I often feel my friends don't care as much about me as they should either. My expectations are too high maybe? I cope with this by being social and bubbly on the outside, however, I can be broody too. I am the loyalist or loyal friends, yet am a navel gazer too. When I feel overwhelmed I get quiet and go to my inner-realm.

Yet shouldn't coworkers avoid talking about which colleague they are inviting to their home for dinner on the weekend or have plans with socially? Shouldn't they offer all members food if they are going out for take-out and offering to bring back lunches out loud for some? Why aren't people more empathetic out there? My best friends or DH say I shouldn't give a crap about what other people think and that people like that aren't worth it. Yet I've discovered a disturbing pattern. I befriend someone only to have them betray me a few years least at work. I have worn out 3 really close work friendships that way. We get involved by doing a project together, have lunches, hang out, relate and poof......they befriend others and don't want to include me or rarely do. So what to do? I go in turtle mode - pretend I'm oblivious to them obviously leaving me out and pretend I don't care - BUT IT EATS ME ON THE INSIDE!
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Nov 29, 2012