Distance is just that, distance.
It only makes me have more resistance.
Distances can be closed, they are closed everyday.
It would depend on how bad you wanted something wouldn’t you say?
Seems like my mind is always on you no matter what I do.
I dream of you in the day and I dream of you in the night too, my mind is so full of you, what should I do?
You possess my spirit and my heart and you don’t even know it, I just hope and prey you don’t abuse it and honor and keep it solid.
In the past, I have done the hurting.
I feel like karma is working.
You see, I have been alone for a very long time. I have suffered so much pain and it should be a crime.
I am ready to fall love, I am ready to find a mate, and I just hope I find all this, before it’s too late.
Looks are not important to me, but they do matter.
For you see my love, I want to love you instead of being sadder.
Wouldn’t it be grand to finally find your love and then watch it grow?
At our age I don’t expect perfection, I only fear rejection, for this I don’t know.
I am a proud woman.
I come from a long line of strong women, some things are just given.
I have so much love to give someone, so much it feels like it is going to burst inside of me.
If only our hearts could meet, I would feel complete.
I can feel it growing like a tree, whose roots are strong and unyielding.
I know if you say you feel it too, it will make my soul soar and my heart start singing.
My heart pounds whenever we speak.
I can’t believe I broke hearts before; it does make a person quite sore.
But you see I have suffered so much pain even more.
The loneliness is bearable but with years it drains
You feel empty, especially when it rains.
Having the pain of wishing you had someone’s hand to hold or someone to kiss that takes your breath away, even when your old
Someone you can share you deepest darkest secrets with, I am not asking for much, only to find someone that feels this way too.
They say you get what you give.
I will keep that in mind when I am with you
Till then please love me, forgive me and hold me captive.... ;)

JustcallmeCurly JustcallmeCurly
46-50, F
Sep 20, 2012