I have no reasons
not to believe
that the show of life
is expressively on my way of living
in each foundation that I build
in each dream that I have.

It is in the wisdom of time
that I built my thoughts
my dreams, my moments
my path, my life
From the small feelings
until the infinity of my being.
I live eternally
my verses, my thoughts
my dreams, my life
my everything...
on my terms.
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Nice, continue on the dare way, darling !

All the keys to understand ourself are inside our Soul. Just open the door, without mask, without fears, just dare to advance on the way of truth.<br />

Only you have the right to make decisions about yourself . Your terms truly are the only one that matters as far as your life goes princess. Remember: fight for what you believe! XOXO