Best Of Both Worlds

I have always hated renting. I did not want to pay someone elses mortgage. I thought the same about power. I first lived off the grid in a 8x40 trailer. We expanded and put another trailer and a roof over both. Had a well, deisel generator and kerosene lights most of the time. It worked well enough. I loved my life.
Things happen and I was single and living in town. Bought a house there after moving out of my motorhome (I was off the grid there too). 5 years later I found 10 acres with solar and propane, fences with a well. Price was right to I went for it.
House is 1450 sqft. I have upgraded the solar to get me 4Kilo watts per day and up to 35 amps. I added a 400 watt wind generator to suppliment the system when it is cloudy. I put the well on solar with an ETA system and it fills the tank and shuts itself off automaticly. I have a propane refrigerator, electric freezer, microwave, trash compactor, dish washer, washer and dryer, microwave, x-box, PS2, tvs etc.
I have everything except an electrical bill.
I plan to put in a solar water heater after I reroof the house.  I still have a propane bill but it has been under $700. per year.  I do not have enough power to run an air conditioner but the house is insulated so well that I rarely find this a problem.  If I want the air, I crank up a generator and run it. 

For those who cannot do it all but still wish to do their part consider
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As an update, I have found that my springs are 20 ft above grade from where I can put a waterwheel. So hopefully, with the right bootstrap engineering, I'll have perpetual power. Almost unlimited!


Cool! =)

I'm working twards the best of both worlds too.In this day and age it is more doable than ever.You can find everything you need on the internet.Including advice from thoes that have done it.Living of the grid doesn't have to be uncomfortable at all.The way I look at it,I'm still living with all the modern technology and electrical gagets but I'm making my own electric and not buying it from sombody.

Way too cool! I'm off the grid too, but not in the style that you are, wow! I'm only powering a small cabin, using 12V lighting. Have a battery bank charged by solar and gen. until I get my wind turbine up. <br />
Inverters to power the few things I need 120 for. But all of it is a work in progress.<br />
I also have no water bill, as I have two underground springs close to the cabin.<br />
Hope you keep it up, you're doing great.

Indeed! And don't forget to bill them an infrastructure maintenance fee, a power transmission fee, and collect sales tax; this will give the local government a stroke as well...

Yes 3 acres are nut and fruit trees and a large garden. No animals except watch dogs right now, except rabbits, birds and lots and lots of gophers. :)<br />
I am seriously considering hooking up to the grid now that they have to buy my excess power. The irony is just too good to pass on.

Damn! You are livin the dream, brother! Do you have an orchard and garden on your 10 acres?