Typical Family Farm Life

I'm havin a smoke outside despite the chill, and to my left I can see a gorgeous sunrise comin up over the pasture. I can hear coyotes and cattle coming from behind the machine shop. The car is covered in thick frost that's starting to glitter and sparkle in the sunlight. To my right I can still see the moon and Orion. The frost on the grass is thick & I can see my breath as one last coyote lets out a loud howl. Brrr! My fingers are cold enough to almost hurt. The cats that like to sleep on the welcome mat just outside the back door are irritated that I keep goin in and out, making them move every time I open the door. The house is warm & smells like candles.

There is a spot on the back steps where if ya look to your right into the trees on the hill you can see two small red lights in the distance. They flash one then the other then when they both light up together you catch yourself doin a double take at how much they look like eyes!

I made a big deal about wanting a real living Christmas tree, not just any ol stor bought tree, I want one cut from the farm. He directed us to a creek bed path he knew had no Christmas trees because he wanted us to discover that part of the farm for ourselves. We took the paths that weather & animals made passable. We found a good spot to disappear, and a magical flat spot with a big trunk on its side in the center, which she used as a horsey.. Found a healthy rose bush. I really liked our walk through the woods, but I'm no closer to finding a Christmas tree on this farm.

Thinkin maybe the tot & I should put on our warm clothes & take a stroll along the creek today. We'll bring a basket to put "treasures" in & watch daddy look stern but not say anything as we yet again blatantly ignore his rule of "if it's outside it stays outside." Maybe we can walk up through the pasture to where the old cabin once stood. There's a group of trees hiding where a tiny one room cabin used to be. A black man and his wife lived there on the farm a long time ago. Not sure if they were slaves or servants or why there should be this cabin in the pasture, but it would make for some interesting exploration. There's a lot to this farm she hasn't seen yet, some stories I have to tell her about these places on the farm.

The house is very old, an American Foursquare, and very strong. They built these houses to last but made them easy to personalize. There used to be a second stairway and there's still some confusion about the tiny "sewing room" attached to the master bedroom. I call it the nursery even though it's the worst room in the house as far as needing to be remodeled.

I kinda miss feeling a solid flat surface under me when I walk through the house. This house is on hidden jacks. When you go to the dining room you can see and feel yourself descending where that part of the house is lower. I've had to teach her to go "toe-heel" very lightly through the dining room cause the whole room shakes somethin crazy if anyone just walks normally across the floor. Big tall full china cabinets rattling like they might fall over. I kinda gotta watch my step in a few places cause the linoleum between the kitchen and ofc is coming up, there's the occasional mystery nail that starts to stick up from the carpet in the bedrooms, that sort of thing. It's a bunch of little projects, not just the bigger ones, that you notice the most living in an old house. Each project requires firm decisions about what we really want, how we want it to look, where we want things, what materials, what colors. The endless options can leave you drawing a blank with info overload. But meanwhile life still has it's demands, which take most of the day.

It's all worth it to have a real house with extra rooms, all this space, wide eyed open space inside and out, looking out across a huge unenclosed yard with no pavement, no parking lot or suburban street of traffic, just the white gravel. There are several buildings on this farm, though many are no longer being used for their original purpose: smokehouse, outhouse, hog house, hay barn, some big long building used to store the largest equipment, then there's the machine shop near the house. Further there's another, older farm set up on this farm from generations ago that still stands! It's complete with large farm house, shed, barn, etc. Up there you can see the silo, two more hay barns, and a holding tank of some sort. It's a good sized farm!
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Which state are you from? Sounds amazing!