The Truth About Ranching

I really got a kick out of this....
and it is very true ;)  

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4 Responses Mar 14, 2012

That's funny, but I know nothing about ranching.

I used to take care of horses, so I know a little about it. I know its not exactly the same but similar. How many acres do you have? I always thought it would be easier had I lived on the same property as the horses. I didn't I always had to drive. No matter the weather or road conditions.

I am on 200 acres here. It's not big for a ranch but it's huge for here.

That's a farm where I live & very big. Only retirement communities, parks, hospitals & business developments are on that amount of land. If I go out of county I can find farmland of that size. • Hey, it must really be dark where you live. Have you ever laid on your back in the middle of your property looking up @ the stars? We could have a star party on your property :D

Yes Gray, there actually is a lot that i love about it and most of the time feel that i am very fortunate to be doing what i do but like with any job...i have "let me out of here" days ;)<br />
Hehe..thanks for peeking in Datura and Des. I found it funny because it is so very close to the truth ;)