It's On Your Own

I am 16, and I live on my own. I had no choice my family life was starting to kill me. Since I was born I have been switched back and forth between my mom, and my dad. My mom had an alcohol addiction, and was very abusive, so my brother did the best he could to take care of me. My mom only wanted boys so when she had two girls she tried to kill us. She almost succeeded with me when I was three. She ran a red light when she was drunk, I went head first into an open ashtray. My mom drove around for three hours acting like she couldn't find the hospital so she could sober up. When we finally got to the hospital I was mins away from dying thank god I only suffer from short term memory lose. I was taken away from her shortly after and put with my dad. All seemed good until I got put back with my mom, and back and forth. Finally when I was ten I got put with my dad for good. I thought yes no more abuse, or alcohol, or neglect. I was wrong, at first my dad was good took care of me loved me, everything I needed. The thing is he broke up with his girlfriend and we moved into my grandpa's house. This is where the real him came out. He was acting more and more like my mom everyday except for not abusive. I tried everything to tell him wat his drinking, neglect, and time away from home was doing to me....He didn't care. He would leave for days on end. Leave me with no food, no money, wouldn't tell me where he was going. I would stay up all night for nights on end waiting for him to come home. He wouldn't, my grades in school dropped for 90% to 40%'s in a mere month. I had to get a job at 14 so I could eat, have new clothes, school supplies, and everyday needs. My grandpa and his caretaker tried to help as much as they, but my grandpa was stuck in a wheelchair, and his caretaker could only lend me her shoulder when I needed to cry. I kept saying to myself this will get better, we will be fine, he will change, it didn't happen. Finally one day I couldn't handle it, I had taught myself everything I knew, I knew how to survive on my own. I have been doing it my whole life basically. So I wrote my dad a 6 page letter told him how I felt and wat would happen if he didn't change soon. He laughed in my face and said this will never happen, you are to scared to move out. Well one day I said f**** it. I wrote him a letter the last one I would ever write to him. It explained why I moved out wat he had to do in order for me to move back in, and how wat he was doing was ruining my life. I left it on the comp desk and was gone shortly after. I did this when I was 15, I am now 16 and I think this is the hardest but best thing I ever did in my entire life. I am finally happy, have a stable home, lots of friends, go to school, and work so I can feed myself. Yes that's right I am still going to school, and I work a parttime job, which I work almost everyday.

It's hard I will admit, I am always tired, have hardly anytime for myself, but like they say wat doesn't kill you makes you stronger. That's me I suffer from deppression, have back problems, knee and ankle problems, and suffer from short term memory lose, and I am still kicking. I am stonger then I ever have been, ang I have more hope now then I ever had. Yes it's hard but just think if you put your head to and believe you can do it, You CAN. If you need help, or have questions ask me and I will try to help, I have helped my frineds, now I am ready to help others. Good luck and remember you are not alone there are a lot of ppl out there going through the exact same thing as you are.

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How did you get out on your own? I'm 20 and recently had to leave my family and I'm trying to get on my own. A place a car the whole nine