Im having a huge self-esteem issue at the moment. I wrote about it earlier today, feeling quite ok to get things out about how I feel about my body. I felt quite confident as I went out to buy a dress for a wedding I have to attend next week. I took my sister, she's a ruthless shopping companion, steers me away from the blacks and makes me try on new colours and shapes. However, not every shape fits me and not every colour suits my olive skin.

In one shop, I tried on over 10 dresses. I was hot and bothered and where they fit perfectly in one place, they didn't in another. I got frustrated, my sister got frustrated and after revisiting a million different shops, I ended up buying two summer dresses, hoping that one would fit wonderfully and I could bling them up a bit with some jewellery.

I tried them on when I got home. I liked the first one, it wasn't black, however I zoned in on my hate zone, my stomach. I was also falling out a little on the top, but it could be sorted with a well placed pin. My mum even liked it. I tried on dress two. Black, but with a lily print, halter neck maxi dress. Gave me a wonderful shape, but again, my **** nearly fell out at the top. I then tried on the dress that was once considered not wedding enough, and with a pair of heels, we decided that was the one.

But I still feel pretty crappy now, about how I look.

I've posted photos of myself on here, before, mostly my boobs, or random leg shots, but I want to post one of my body, albeit in a corset, just so I can say to myself that I don't have anything to worry about, that I am ok with how I look. I doubt this will be up for long, but I need to do something about how I think about myself.  So, here is me, in my underwear. Not to take pervese remarks, but to put myself out there to be judged.

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thank you

Life's too short to be a perfectionist. You look great. How many women wouldn't trade with you?

Dude, dont even start me on the shoes.....

Thank you, all of you. I need to start believing it myself x

I'm sure that you look great! There's nothing to worry about. Don't worry about your body, if you start to love yourself the way that you're, people will love you at the same way. :)

Great idea Miss Sass! Seriously, don't worry about the bod Lala. Having read some of your stuff, I'm sure you'll have something intelligent to say, and that's what I'd be looking for ;)

I admire your courage for putting yourself out there like you have. There is nothing like the combination of a wedding and dress shopping to hammer a girls self confidence. Maybe you shouldnt bother with a dress at all and just wear the corset because in that.... you'd outshine the bride in a heartbeat!!!!

You look beautiful Lala. Take heed in the words left for you here by friends. *big hugs* Take Care, LMN xxx

HUmmmmmm...... Just going to have to echo WIB and DepthsUnknown.... A sexy woman you are and that for you to have some curve going on is just fine.... As for your bust line, can name several women who don't like how they fit into whatever bra/frock that they put on, don't go hating your tummy too much even though I know it is a bad place, it is for us guys too... <br />
<br />
You do look great and think that whatever you wear for the wedding will look fantastic on you...

Very nice cleavage. You are beautiful!<br />
<br />
But for any silly can borrow my "formal occasion" plan of attack. Focus....Put all negative thoughts out of your mind. When's the wedding? If its a week or more, you can have a facial to remove impurities and also go on a mini cleansing fast. Drink plenty of water. Yoga yoga yoga! There is no practice on earth that can make you feel better in your skin than yoga. Than, on the day of the wedding, call an ambulance because you're going to knock em dead!

Aw lala ... you really don't have anything to worry about. Any reassurance from me won't help though ... and I don't expect you to listen ... but there are women out there who would kill to have such a feminine shape ... I know it's not easy to have boobs that don't always fit into some skimpy frock .. but who needs "average" ... as for bellies ... real women have a real shape ... flat boyish stomachs are for flat boys not us proper girls ... lol

Baby, you are incredible. And you know this goes beyond your body, beyond this sexy picture...<br />
<br />
You are beautiful all over, inside and out, and you are showing it now. Not in posting the pic, but in the courage to step outside that self-image box and allow yourself to do so.<br />
<br />
I love you more than any words can dare describe, and I am proud of you xx

Thank you

I'm betting you'll look perfect for the wedding. You have NOTHING to worry about!